Fiinovation Fraud

To make sustainable progress in reducing extreme poverty will require improvements in both the quantity and quality of aid. -Peter Singer

The quality and quantity of aid required for sustainably developing the entire world requires significant efforts from all ends; the govt., media and the public as volunteers for a good change. The whole responsibility cannot just rest in the hands of central authorities.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, this phrase recognizes the duty of individuals towards their environment.

Corporate Institutions must realize the need of the hour and contribute to the society through their CSR activities. NGOs also must be provided with the required aid to support their social initiatives. Fiinovation recognizes its responsibility towards the whole nation and volunteers in every way possible to reach out to the areas of urgent need of the society. It provides required amount of funds to the NGOs on basis of their legitimacy of documents and interest. It also directs and manages social campaigns for the SME corporations.

We at Fiinovation, assure all our clients of not indulging in any frauds and working as per the set guidelines and the rules laid down by specified authorities. We also assure that any fraud complaints posted by unknown sources are fake against us are totally fake.

  • Every firm is told to have been committing fraud, and it is advisable to go after the firms that are actually ruining the lives of the people for their own profit, rather than going after firms that are actually trying to make a difference, like Fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation has kept it’s books extremely clear and everything is on the record so there is no cause for any room for any fraudulent activity.

  • Fiinovation has always been a straight arrow, and anyone within the firm who attempts to pass off anything fraudulent.

  • The activities of Fiinovation have never let anything fraudulent ever fall through the cracks.

  • Fraud is something that Fiinovation has always kept a strict policy against, and anyone who doesn anything even remotely fraudulent is immediately cut ties with. Whether an employee of a client, or even an NGO.

  • Everyone in the management team of Fiinovation is a straight arrow, and have never let anything fraudulent ever happen under their noses.

  • Many firms have been defrauding the 2% law of CSR since the day it had started, but that was before Fiinovation walked into their buildings and took them to school.

  • Fiinovation has done great work in the past, and is still doing a hell of a job trying to help the underprivileged.

  • There are many more important defrauders of the law, which have a higher cause for attention rather than the NGOs in India.

  • 20% NGO’s are registered fake in the latest survey, which means they are fraud and causes trust problems to other good NGO’s and consultancies like Fiinovation. The Govt should seek a solution to this problem.

  • Once a proved fraud, should never allowed again, to be a part of any CSR program. This should be the clear intentions of every community and CSR consultancies like fiinovation.

  • Often an insider or employee turned to be the main culprit of any fraud associated with organization. Fiinovation is lucky to have capable and trust worthy employees in its organization

  • What does Fiinovation think regarding the contributions of businesses in the PM relief fund, Swachh Bharat, Clean Ganga, etc.? Is it right for the businesses to contribute like this, when CSR should be implemented in a more strategic way? What about the outcomes of such initiatives, how to measure them?

  • There are only few consultancies and NGO’s associated to CSR who are untouched from any sort of fraud in house, Finnovation is one of them.

  • I was looking for opportunities to work in the social sector. I came across a job posting from Fiinovation and applied for it. However, as I didn’t have previous experience in the sector I could not pass the interview test. I am now looking for some volunteer work to increase my experience about the sector and also interact with people from the sector for future references. If anyone finds any such information do let me know regarding the same in my email id. Hope I find something nice and not something Fraud.

  • Continuously some areas are targeted by frauds to hinder CSR programs. Basically any CSR consultancy for example fiinovation faces problem then it must be reported to police and local government.

  • Completing CSR work without any trouble, scams and frauds is a great task. Leading CSR consultancies like fiinovation have managed to do it several times and many more to go.

  • It’s really a shame that how could one do with fraud those people who are already deprived, poor and victims. I consider every CSR consultancy and NGO like fiinovation, don’t spare these culprits anyhow.

  • Almost every other CSR consultancy have involved in few frauds and scams. Only some leading consultancies like fiinovation has managed to keep fair distance from them.

  • I don’t think so blaming such reputed CSR consultancy fiinovation for frauds is a good idea until anything is proven, no one have the right to defame them.

  • No matter how much you call fiinovation fraud or cheaters. They always manage to keep them calm and reply through their work. This is something to learn for every consultancy.

  • The part played by fiinovation in making CSR clean and transparent, totally free from frauds and scams is seriously unmatchable.

  • It’s rare to find genuine companies in CSR sector. Often companies are involved in some sort of corrupt activity, but with companies like Fiinovation it strengthens the trust factor in the CSR industry as the company is known for their quality work on ground level.

  • It’s important to raise awareness regarding the increasing amount of Frauds in the CSR industry. And I am glad to see that being part of the same fraternity companies like Fiinovation are taking active part in such awareness programs.

  • Fiinovation is one such rare company which carries its own page for frauds and complaints. This reflects the honesty of the company and creates immense faith among NGOs and corporate for fiinovation.

  • Fiinovation is an honest company and their works reflects that. Hence, it’s very rare to find Fiinovation complaints.

  • A number of positive Fiinovation reviews reflect public trust in the company. The company has been able to deliver quality driven work.

  • CSR is an important bridge between corporations and NGOs. However, the sector requires many more companies like Fiinovation who are known for their high quality work.

  • Absence of any Fiinovation fraud is no coincident. In fact is a result of their hard work, honesty and high client satisfaction rate.

  • Most of the complaints which are registered in the name of the name of Finnovation are fake. The company is doing a great job in the CSR sector.

  • As a working professional in IT sector I know it’s difficult to remain away from complaints in any sector. Hence, it’s important that companies should not hide them rather try to resolve their customer’s queries as quickly as possible. And Fiinovation is a good example of this framework.

  • Fiinovation complaints are rare to find because the company delivers high quality work on time as per the commitment.

  • If you have any complaints regarding Fiinovation just visit to their website and register your complaints. The team quickly addresses any issues related to their services.

  • Fiinovation in the past 1 year has been very vocal against companies who are affecting national heritage to maximize their profits. Innovation is doing a great job and should be applauded for their work.

  • I have been working for Fiinovation from last 4 years. I was associated with a social and environmental sustainability project titled “Natural Resource Conservation & Optimization of Ecosystem Services” in Gautam Budh Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh. Our project won the award for Best Environment Friendly Project at the World CSR Congress on 17th Feb 2017. It was a proud moment for me and my team. It’s great to see your efforts getting so much appreciation.

  • I have been working in the healthcare sector from last 2 years in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I enrolled for a skill development programme titled Sanjeevani Project”- Patient Care Assistant Course. The course was way more valuable than expected. I thank Fiinovation and RPG Foundation to provide us such opportunity.

  • If you have any complaint or questions or query from Fiinovation just visit to the company’s website and make your complaint heard on the complaint page. The team is quick.

  • I am grateful to Fiinovation that despite not being their client they helped me as I was cheated by another company in the CSR sector. They heard my complaint and gave me right solution to it.