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Fiinovation, an analysis based organization, is certainly a built-in solution enabler inside the CSR  and sustainability domain. It’s focused towards enhancing quality across business value chain through significant innovation therefore making sure sustainability.

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  • The aim of certain companies is show to the public that they are fulfilling their corporate responsibilities. However, in the long run, these companies are usually becomes infamous for their acts. Therefore, green washing activities need to be stopped. I think companies should think of CSR as a strategic business instrument and plan the initiatives for their benefits. Fiinovation, a global CSR consultancy company suggests that CSR has the potential of creating good will for the brand which in return helps the firm keep the stakeholders interested.

  • India did not do well in the millennium development goals. I hope that we will be able to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030. Fiinovation suggests that with CSR we can make a difference. However, I believe not only CSR but individual social responsibility should also become a mandate in the country. The constitution suggests that we should protect our environment. But, we see our rivers, which are suppose to be sacred, have become one of the most polluted ones in the world. Therefore, individual social responsibility is a must.

  • I strongly oppose and complain about those corporate, who do CSR to only get free advertising. Nowadays these CSR work less as social work more to be sponsor.CSR consultancies who are enrooted and highly devoted to work for development like fiinovation should oppose this attitude.

  • Haryana is much safer place for women as earlier due to emerging CSR programmes for the development of women in the region. Fiinovation was the first CSR agency to approach.

  • Being a good name, you always want to be associated with good name, that’s why fiinovation is highly in demand in NGO as well as corporate fraternity.

  • Often we see deprived and sufferer hesitates to talk about their problems. To do CSR in these areas consultancies should first take them in confidence and further work according to their requirement, just like fiinovation.

Fiinovation: Assessment Studies for Mytrah Energy at Anantapur, AP

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New Delhi, Delhi, India, 06 January 2017/Businesswire India//– For assistance in corporate social responsibility initiatives, Mytrah Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is one of the largest independent power producers in renewable energy sector, collaborated with Fiinovation, [...]

PI Foundation initiates CSR programme in partnership with Fiinovation and Harsha Trust in Odisha

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In a significant move, PI Foundation, a Trust supported by PI Industries Ltd, which is a BSE and NSE listed leading Agri Input, Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing company, collaborated with Fiinovation, a global CSR consulting [...]