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Since its foundation in 2009 Fiinovation has followed the approach of holistic approach making sure that positive impact from the CSR initiatives is created on social, economic and environmental areas.

With sustainable development on the top charts of UN and Indian government, Fiinovation has also designed its CSR initiatives on result producing practices with special focus on the sustainability of the efforts.

The whole point of CSR initiatives is to create positive impact in the society and Fiinovation with its First in Asia’s Proposal Research Laboratory, its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) practice and Impact Assessment and Sustainability reporting is offering the Regulators, donors, policy makers, implementer and other stakeholders to regularly monitor the effect their CSR projects are having in the society.

These tools help the organisations to monitor and enhance the Shared Value through customised Result Based Management (RBM) framework for their CSR programmes and analyse the effect of their initiatives in the society.

Fiinovation with the help of its detailed knowledge and different programmes has helped various organisations with its suggestion, recommendations and studies to overcome the challenges hampering the smooth functioning of the initiatives.

Fiinovation through its efforts has played a very important role in reaching to the marginalised and vulnerable communities through its programme of bringing Corporate houses and NGO’s together.

Check our Fiinovation Reviews :

  • Fiinovation has compiled a new list of potential firms, which could help the NGOs with their work.

  • The CSR firms need to widen the span of firms that they review, as to have more outreach to be able to help more NGOs.

  • The aim of certain companies is show to the public that they are fulfilling their corporate responsibilities. However, in the long run, these companies are usually becomes infamous for their acts. Therefore, green washing activities need to be stopped. I think companies should think of CSR as a strategic business instrument and plan the initiatives for their benefits. Fiinovation, a global CSR consultancy company suggests that CSR has the potential of creating good will for the brand which in return helps the firm keep the stakeholders interested.

  • India did not do well in the millennium development goals. I hope that we will be able to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030. Fiinovation suggests that with CSR we can make a difference. However, I believe not only CSR but individual social responsibility should also become a mandate in the country. The constitution suggests that we should protect our environment. But, we see our rivers, which are suppose to be sacred, have become one of the most polluted ones in the world. Therefore, individual social responsibility is a must.

  • I strongly oppose and complain about those corporate, who do CSR to only get free advertising. Nowadays these CSR work less as social work more to be sponsor.CSR consultancies who are enrooted and highly devoted to work for development like fiinovation should oppose this attitude.

  • Haryana is much safer place for women as earlier due to emerging CSR programmes for the development of women in the region. Fiinovation was the first CSR agency to approach.

  • Being a good name, you always want to be associated with good name, that’s why fiinovation is highly in demand in NGO as well as corporate fraternity.

  • Often we see deprived and sufferer hesitates to talk about their problems. To do CSR in these areas consultancies should first take them in confidence and further work according to their requirement, just like fiinovation.

  • The path towards sustainability is difficult one. Fiinovation which engages with businesses for sustainability initiatives have raised their voice stating that if businesses continue to ignore the consequences of climate change we might not be left with anything. Hence, businesses engaging in Fraud, Unethical practices, degradation of environment, etc. should be severely punished and rather shut down. India might start implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement by 2022, but it might be too late if unsustainable activities continue at this pace. I believe the complaints of the common man need to be heard, else there should be widespread protests across the country.

  • CSR for women and children should be the first preference as they both are much more helpless and deprived than men. But, we can say a large number of women have been benefitted with CSR due to CSR, thanks to some aggressive consultancies like fiinovation.

  • If I have to rate CSR consultancies for their approach towards the betterment of society, I would have given finnovation 10 on 10. Not only with CSR programs, they also create social awareness, and organize charity events.

  • fiinovation reviews page- This is a good idea to have a different review section for consultancies in CSR. fiinovation always welcome every guest to write reviews on their page.

  • Very few businesses divert their CSR funds for the betterment of livelihood of people. Fiinovation expertise in this sector and has already done many projects in past to provide support for livelihood  in attention seeking areas.

  • There would be no other better choice for me to start my career with a leading CSR consultancy fiinovation. They are just an amazing organization with unique approach.

  • Fiinovation has completed a decade now in the CSR field and they are always applauded for their high level of work.

  • Fiinovation is quite an old and experience company. They have brought changes to grass root level. They simply loves and extremely cares about their work.

  • Being in the field for 9 years from now, the company knows that they have to deal with diverse kinds of reviews and the company doesn’t shy away with any negative review.

  • The company handles the complaint section very well. They have created a Fiinovation complaints page on social media sites like Facebook. This makes easier for people to register their complaints.

  • It clearly reflects that Fiinovation fraud are completely imaginary. However, the company doesn’t get affected with such mischievous activities. They are performance-driven people and works genuinely in the CSR industry.

  • Fiinovation frauds are simply a propaganda used by its competitors to affect the high image of the industry. As the company had stood as a road block in their success.

  • It’s rare to find companies with their inbuilt complaints page on their site. But, Fiinovation has broken all conventional norms in the sector. This shows their honesty and dedication towards their work.

  • An abundance of positive reviews of Fiinovation reflects the high reputation of the company in the market. I think the credit should go to the highest working standards of the company.

  • Fiinovation is one such company who is never blown away by positive reviews, the company believes in quality work and are stick to their rules.

  • My interaction with fiinovation was very remarkable and it’s very rarely that I applaud any company. But, innovation is one such an exception who is winning their clients by their high quality

  • I have been working with a NGO and Fiinovation helped me in raising money for a skill development project organized for girls.

  • Fiinovation is one such company which effectively works on diverse projects in social welfare projects and caters a high research data. This is the reason behind the success of fiinovation.

  • I live in Jaisalmer (Rajasthan). It’s really sad to see the poor livelihood of many locals in this region. I started looking for NGOs in who are working in order to help these people. It was then when I came across Fiinovation and its need assessment study which lead to the implementation of safe drinking water project. I’m thankful to them for helping out those in need.

  • I joined Fiinovation few months ago. Fiinovation won the CSR Leadership Award at the World CSR Congress organized on 17th Feb 2017. It was a proud moment for me and all my colleagues to be associated with this organization. It made us determined to work harder and achieve more such awards in future.

  • Fiinovation is doing a great work by filing complaints against corporations who are not indulging in latest CSR guidelines.

  • Fiinovation is an honest and genuine consultancy company. They are known for quality generated work.

Fiinovation Updates

  • CSR awards are a new measure brought up the government, in order to boost the CSR activities and sustainable initiative by the companies. The companies will be awarded on the basis of their role in bringing a positive impact on the society.


  • Africa: worst hit by malaria has registered a high number of deaths due to malaria. The region is selected for testing of first malaria vaccine. The vaccine has potential to save many lives, if used with existing measures.


  • Malaria is one of the biggest and dangerous problem in Africa, with approx 90% of the world’s cases found in 2015 lies in this place. However, the number is now anticipated to go tremendously down with malaria vaccine introduced in Africa.


  • The new malaria vaccine has been introduced in Africa for the first time in the year 2017. The vaccine is really effective and has been prepared with millions of dollars and decades of hard work. It has the potential to save many lives in Africa.


  • I was reading a few articles on climate change where there were suggestions to combine the programmes with the poverty eradication ones. This is a good concept that climate change and poverty can be addressed together. Fiinovation is correct in saying that the people who are poor suffer the most. Even World Bank suggests the same. I think we should think about this and start strengthening the local communities.


  • Speaking at SPIEF- St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Mr. modi strongly put India’s role in the Paris agreement. He said it is for the betterment of the future generation and hence, India will stay with the Paris agreement.


  • PM modi clearing the dust from Paris agreement said that whether Paris will stay or not, India will go ahead with the agreement. As it is to ensure the welfare of the future generation.


  • Modi while speaking at an International Economic Forum stressed  the need to think about the future generation to give them a healthy environment. He said hence, India will stay with the Paris agreement.


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